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Conveyor belts of all kinds

Demagnetization conveyor

Demagnetization conveyor with coil (coil on customer side)
Frame width: 420mm, length: 24mm
Roll diameter: 130mm
Belt loading: 1000N
Belt speed: 9m/min

Bunker conveyor

Two-part module chain conveyor for compression spring transport;
The conveyor separates springs in small quantities into the customer-side assembly line

Flat belt conveyor

Extraction belt with extremely low-profile feed side;
Overall height in the scope: 25mm

Mid drive conveyor with knife edge on both sides

Very short conveyor with mid drive and knife edge on both sides

Hinge chain conveyor

For transport, seperation and positioning of cylindrical steel parts;
By means of stainless steel hinge plate

Roller chain conveyor

2-lane conveyor with direct drive based on aluminium profile

Plastic chain conveyors

4-lane Z-conveyor on rollers for cross-shifting and fitting;
for transporting pipes in various lengths up to 16m

Wire mesh conveyor

Conveyor with wire braided belt;
for transporting blanks in a curing oven

Module chain conveyor with 20° curve

Directly driven conveyor with high-quality plastic module chain

Roller track (V-shape)

For transport of packaged insulation material by means of gravity rollers

Tunnel conveyor

Conveyor with transparent, impact-resistant plastic cover

Tray conveyor

2-lane toothed belt conveyor with high-performance coating for transport, positioning, stacking and de-stacking of plastic trays

Round belt conveyor

2-lane round belt conveyor with round belts (d=20mm) on special customer request;
for parts which can not be transported with a conventional conveyor system