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Combined conveying technology

Toothed belt conveyor with cams

Two-lane toothed belt conveyors with screwed-on cams
for transport and positioning of fan wheels

Ironing board-formed conveyor

Transport route for packing of roll of fabric. Conveyor line with an ironing board-formed conveyor, weigh conveyor and outward transfer. Ironing board-formed conveyor with frame height 20mm for putting up bags

Circular conveyor

Universally adjustable test system for modular conveyor chains. 180° electrically height-adjustable curve conveyors and angle-adjustable rigging conveyors for product testing at the manufacturer of modular chains

Toothed belt conveyor with flat belts

5-lane toothed belt angle conveyor with 2-lane angle conveyor. Positions of the individual lanes can be stored and retrieved. Special toothed belt coating for good adhesion properties. Electric adjustment of the height positions.

Toothed belt with module chain and studs

2-lane toothed belt conveyor with central module chain conveyor with studs. Electric adjustment of the height positions

Toothed belt, height and width adjustable

4-lane toothed belt conveyor, electric adjustment of height and width positions, 4-lane XP belt conveyor with XP profiles specially for large plastic parts. Positions of the individual lanes can be stored and retrieved

Double angle conveyor

Robust module chain conveyor for raw steel parts with two lanes.

Curved climbing conveyor

3-lane modular chain conveyor with studs;
80° slope and gradient with intervening horizontal section with S-curve;
For can-recycling

Story-storage system

Superimposed conveyors with intermediate lifting belt for buffering large-area plastic parts;
Timing of the conveyors by inserted metal strips

Hanging conveyor with toothed belt

Toothed belt conveyor installed top side;
For low-pressure conveying of existing material transport vehicles

Corner transfer units

Compact builted transversal unit with 2x 2 toothed belt tracks;
pneumatic stroke;
built upon an additional stroke lift

Separation conveyor


Conveyor belt with adjustable stopper and separating slides;
Centered positioning of the discs for part removal by robots

Buffering conveyor with separation

Two-part conveyor lane:
Buffering conveyor with Separation and cross conveyor with transverse studs

Document transportation

Toothed belt conveyor for documents; 2-part conveyor line with 90° curve with 27m total length